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Banner Credits
468x60 Banner Slots
Matrix Inclusion
Banner Exp. Priority
BaB Lifetime Banners
Monthly Solo Ads
YES 1/Mo
Direct Commissions
10% *Cash Prizes
Forced Matrix Comm. (view)
$9.80 Lifetime
*Cash Prizes
Daily Login
Solo Ad Visits
up to $0.0020
up to $0.0020
up to $0.0050
Banner Ad Visits
Active Referrals
Referrals Bonus
Up to $0.30
Up to $0.50
Up to $1.00

*Cash Prizes System Commissions can only be used to buy
  Matrix Positions and Advertising

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Something That You Need to Know

100% Commission Distribution
We distribute to our members 100% of the income generated from the BannerAdBlaster website.
50% Direct Commissions
Whenever one of Your Direct Referrals make a Purchase at BaB,
You will get a Fast Start Bonus of 50.5% of that amount
Matrix Commissions
You will also get paid whenever one of the positions in your
personal matrix is filled down 13 levels.
Our Matrix is a Personal Forced of 3 levels wide * 13 levels deep.
With such Matrix structure Spillover and Spillunder is much easier
to happen than any 4x or 5x Matrices.
Multiple Matrix Positions
Our Matrix is product-related. This means that most of the product purchased produce a new forced matrix position.
Extra Commissions
We do offer a special Cash Prizes System to both Free and Paid members.
These Commissions can only be used for Matrix Positions and Advertising.
Viral Product
There is a high demand of our product just because it is so viral.
We offer the power of advertising diversification. Your banners will
show up on 1 Advertising websites and will be shown FAST!

Frequently Asked


What is BannerAdBlaster?

BannerAdBlaster is an advertising program. We send your Banner Ads out to hundred of Advertising Sites saving you loads of YOUR TIME and MONEY!
How Does it Works?

Register for free and You will get 1000 Banner Impressions that will be shown on 1 advertising sites.
*You will need to verify and activate your membership to get the package.
Do You accept Free members?

Yes! You can keep your free membership indefinitely and earn Cash Prizes Commissions by promoting your BannerAdBlaster referral links. There is absolutely no obligation of any kind.
Can I have more than one account?

Absolutely NOT. There is no need to maintain more than one account. If you are caught with more then one account open, your account(s) will be terminated, your ip address will be banned and you will not receive any earnings.
How do I make money with BannerAdBlaster?

There are several different ways to earn with us; the simplier is to promote your referral links. You will earn 50% referral commission for every direct member who join under You.
Please check the rewards section to learn more.
When will I get Paid?

Depending on your set cashout level, You will need to request your cashout once that any of your BannerAdBlaster positions will be over your cashout level.

We pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula, we have no reason to keep the money in our accounts but we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!
How do I get paid?

You will be paid to the same Payment Processor Account that You have used to signup or upgrade.

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